Led Car Signs: Red P Provisional P1 wholesale

Red P Provisional P1
remote controll Red P Provisional P1 (power on state)
Red P Provisional P1 POWER OFF STATE
Red P Provisional P1 (power off state)

When driving in Australia, it’s important to be aware of the different types of driver’s licenses. Australia has four types of driver’s licenses: Learner Permit License, Red P Provisional P1, Green P Provisional P2, and Full License.

L Permit License: Also known as the Learner Permit License, this is a beginner’s driver’s license. When driving with an L plate, a holder of a Full License must accompany the learner. The L plate is obtained after successfully passing the LPT computer-based test.

Red P Provisional P1: The Provisional P1 license allows the holder to drive alone. It is issued to test-takers under 21 years old after passing the road test and is valid for 18 months.

Green P Provisional P2: The Provisional P2 license also allows the holder to drive alone. It is issued to test-takers over 21 years old after passing the road test.

Full License: This is a full driver’s license that allows the holder to drive alone without the need for any additional identification stickers.

Before obtaining a Full License, local regulations require drivers to display the appropriate qualification stickers on the front and rear of their vehicles. Often, people simply use PVC stickers for this purpose. However, in dark or nighttime conditions, these stickers can be difficult to notice, which can be problematic as new drivers often need additional reminders. Therefore, we have designed and developed a light up car sticker specifically for new drivers, and this article will focus on our car LED sings for Red P Provisional P1.

Our LED Car Sign is designed to fit perfectly on the front and rear Windows of cars. With removable adhesive, installation is a breeze, and you can easily take it off when you become a seasoned driver. It is powered by a built-in lithium battery and supports USB charging, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting glow.At the same time, we have thoughtfully equipped this car LED sign with a remote control.The remote control is sleek and compact, measuring just 4cm in diameter, and it also comes with adhesive for convenient placement near the steering wheel or anywhere else you prefer.The remote is powered by a CR2032 button battery, and you can easily replace the battery yourself if it runs out of power.Therefore, we usually call it REMOTE CONTROL for LED car Sign.Its installation and can have a variety of control methods, below we have a video for you to introduce, please click and see.

When a P1 Driver license holder is driving in low-light conditions or during the night, this remote-controlled LED Car sticker will make his vehicle stand out and enhance visibility, thus contributing to road safety.

Moreover, we offer the flexibility to customize your LED Car Sticker with your desired logo. Whether you want to showcase your favorite sports team, club, or any other personal touch, we can create a unique sign that truly represents you.

With our Remote-Controlled LED Car Sign, you’re not just getting a cool accessory for your car; you’re also adding an extra layer of safety to your drives. So why wait? Embark on a safer, more stylish driving experience with our remote-controlled LED Car Sign today!


Key attributes

TypeLED lighting
SIZE4.7*4.7 inches
PowerBuilt-in lithium battery power supply,USB cable can be plugged in at any time
Battery Life10+H
colorNo limits


ModelA: Mechanical switch type

ModelB:  Remote control

ModelC: Bluetooth APP

Packaging and delivery

Selling units :
multiple of 80
LED stickers package
Single package size63X33X33cm
Single gross weight15.000kg
Package sizeeach pcs into a gift box, 80 pcs/CTN.G.W:14kg/CTN

Lead Time

Lead time(days)10to be negotiated


Applied in reality

LED car stickers charging schematic diagram

Create your own illuminated car decal

Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, advertise an event, create vehicle signage, add some fun, promote your team, celebrate a holiday, or anything else, we fully support you in creating similar illuminated stickers! Please click the link to download the relevant template files with various sizes. You can insert your logo or design into the template and see how it looks.

Effortless Setup: Get Glowing in No Time!

Don’t worry about complicated installations – this gadgetpractically installs itself! A few simple steps, a sprinkle of magic(just kidding, no magic required), and voila! Your car will have itsown VIP section in the spotlight

Method 1: Operating manual of Square series
Method 2: Operating manual of Magnetic type
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