Mechanical switch type led stickers

Welcome to our website! Today we are pleased to present a video of our Led car sticker with a simple mechanical switch type built-in lithium battery.

This Led car sticker uses high-quality materials and precision process design to open the shell mold, the light source and rechargeable lithium battery, components are sealed in the shell, the side of the shell has a key switch, low power prompt light, charging indicator light, TYPE-C 5V charging port, designed to make the product simple and convenient for the driver to operate.

With the simple push of a button, our glowing car stickers will glow vibrant at night. Add personalized style, safety and the perfect affordable, high-quality mobile luminous advertising solution to your driving, all our led stickers are equipped with UV protection, ensuring that they will retain their shine and color for some time to come.

So don’t wait! Check out our glowing car sticker video to see how easy it is to turn your idea into an eye-catchi

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