Light Sign For Taxi

Uber,Lyft,GRAB,Taxi Light Sign For Cars are specially designed LED light stickers that are mounted on the interior of Uber vehicles. These vibrant, attention-grabbing lights serve a dual purpose – enhancing the overall visibility of the vehicle on the road while providing passengers with a unique and recognizable Uber experience. With UberLights, passengers can easily spot their Uber from a far distance, even in low-light conditions. The bright and distinctive LED lights can be customized to display the classic Uber logo, adding a touch of style and reassurance to the ride-hailing experience.

Key attributes

TypeLED lighting
SIZE4 inches
Power3 pcs AAA battery
Battery Life45H
colorNo limits


ModelA: with light sensor and motion sensor
ModelB: with light sensor

Packaging and delivery

Selling unitsLED stickers package
Single package size14X15X2cm
Single gross weight0.150kg
Package size100pcs/CTN, 51.5 x 32 x 30cm, actual weight9.5kg, chargeable volume weight 13kg/CTN

Lead Time

Lead time(days)10to be negotiated


Applied in reality

LED Stickers Size
LED Stickers Back

Create your own illuminated car decal

Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, advertise an event, create vehicle signage, add some fun, promote your team, celebrate a holiday, or anything else, we fully support you in creating similar illuminated stickers! Please click the link to download the relevant template files with various sizes. You can insert your logo or design into the template and see how it looks.

Effortless Setup: Get Glowing in No Time!

Don’t worry about complicated installations – this gadgetpractically installs itself! A few simple steps, a sprinkle of magic(just kidding, no magic required), and voila! Your car will have itsown VIP section in the spotlight

Method 1: Operating manual of Circle series
Method 2: Operating manual of Magnetic type
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