LED rideshare sign is also a very good advertising product

What is LED rideshare signWhat is LED taxi decal
LED rideshare sign is a light-emitting sticker of TAXI, shared car, UBER car, LYFT, etc. made of EL or LED light source. It is powered and illuminated by its own battery, USB port of the car, cigarette lighter, etc. It is pasted on the glass of the car by extremely convenient means such as double-sided tape, suction cup and magnetic holder. It helps passengers and drivers identify should more easily. Of course, there is no doubt that this rideshare led sign is also a very good advertising product.

How do I install the LED rideshare sign?
2、Center it on your dashboard with the logo facing out, so the screen is visible to riders when they’re inside your car.
uber lyft led sign is also a very good advertising product

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