led car stickers with light sensor

Welcome to led-stickers! Today, we are excited to showcase our light sensor LED car stickers with a video.

Our LED car stickers come with light sensors that automatically adjust brightness and color based on the surrounding light conditions. This means they will always remain bright and visible even in low light, while improving driving safety. This LED sticker is round, 10CM in diameter, powered by 3 AAA dry batteries, a single replacement of the battery can be lit for more than 40 hours, https://led-stickers.com/led-car-stickers/the design of this light-controlled sensor is also conducive to power saving, because during the day or when the light is strong, even if the power switch is turned on, it will automatically turn off.

So don’t wait! We are the factory of Led car stickers, and have provided a lot of solutions and products for many brands, UBER drivers, delivery brands, and commercial advertisements, please contact us to order.

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