Wholesale Glowing Sign For Car Taxi at Factory Price

Glowing Sign For Car Taxi is a glowing car decal made of EL or LED light source. It includes stickers of UBER light and LYFT light, and it can also be a food delivery service light, such as uber east light. It is powered by its own battery, USB port of the car, cigarette lighter, etc., and pasted in the front and rear Windows of the car by double-sided tape, suction cup, magnetic bracket and other extremely convenient ways. When you do not use it, you can take it off, even if you do not use it anymore, it will not leave any trace. It is conducive to more rapid identification of passengers and drivers, consumers and riders, and of course, it is a very good mobile luminous advertising supplies, with one stone.
We are a very experienced and professional supplier of glowing car decal, we try our best to make the user’s experience better! At present, our glowing car decal will not fade, nor will they easily fall off because of the driving of the vehicle! Our glowing sign for car taxi  are also welcomed by the market because of the irreplaceable advantages of other products such as suitable price, simple operation and remarkable effect! Contact us to customize your own Glowing Sign For Car!

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