The lighting decal lead the future of automotive culture

EL lighting decal
EL lighting decal (power on state)
EL lighting decal power off
EL lighting decal (power off state)

With the rapid development of science and technology, the car is not only a means of transportation, but also a carrier for people to show their personality and pursue fashion. In this era full of creativity and personality, The lighting decal for car have become the new darling of car culture, it makes the car unique charm in the dark, The lighting decal for car as a unique form of advertising, has become the highlight of commercial brand innovation, luminous car stickers not only make the advertisement more eye-catching, more able to attract the attention of consumers, enhance the brand image.

★Unlimited creativity, let the brand light up the night
SZEL‘s lighting decal use EL or LED technology, which can emit bright light in the dark. Whether it is the night scene of the city, the road in the country, or the outdoor camping, the carnival on the beach, as long as there is light, there is your existence. This unique visual effect not only puts your car in the spotlight, but also gives drivers peace of mind when driving at night. This unique visual effect allows consumers to see your brand at a glance in many advertisements, whether it is a bustling commercial street, or a busy traffic mouth, lighting decal have greatly improved the brand exposure

★personalized customization, let the brand show style
Everyone has their own unique preferences and aesthetic,the lighting decal for you to provide personalized customized services. According to their own brand image, product characteristics and other elements, design a unique lighting decal . The lighting decal can also be adjusted according to different occasions, activities, etc., so that the advertisement is more flexible.

★safe and reliable, quality first
SZEL‘s lighting decal are made of high-quality materials and subjected to strict quality testing to ensure safety and reliability during use. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of UV protection, simple operation, reasonable price, and so on, even in bad weather conditions can maintain excellent performance. This not only makes your car more durable, but also makes your driving trip more secure.

★environmental protection and energy saving, green travel
SZEL‘s glowing car stickers, as an innovative form of advertising, are designed with low power consumption and have a variety of options such as charging, plug-in, and dry batteries. We always pay attention to environmental protection and energy saving. In the advocacy of green travel today, the choice of luminous car stickers is undoubtedly a fashionable and environmentally friendly choice.

★social interaction, enjoy the driving fun
The lighting decal are not only a kind of decoration, but also a social tool. In the process of driving, consumers can interact and share with other owners through lightning decals for cars, which not only makes the advertisement more vivid and interesting, but also improves the brand loyalty of consumers. The lighting decals can also be combined with social media and other channels to spread, so that the interaction between the brand and consumers more closely.
In short, lighting decal must be an innovative car culture product, in this era full of creativity and personality, let us choose lighting decal together, enjoy the fun and experience of driving!

SZEL has been innovating and developing in the lighting decal industry since 2008, and is a professional supplier of lighting decals for cars. Contact SZEL for more free inquiries and quotes.

Key attributes

TypeEL lighting
SIZENo limits
PowerUSB, Cigar lighter, DC12V,DC24V
colorNo limits


ModelA: Constant lighting & flashes

ModelB: Animated flashes

Lead Time

Lead time(days)10to be negotiated


LED car stickers applied in reality

optional accessory

Create your own illuminated car decal

Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, advertise an event, create vehicle signage, add some fun, promote your team, celebrate a holiday, or anything else, we fully support you in creating similar illuminated stickers! 

Effortless Setup: Get Glowing in No Time!

Don’t worry about complicated installations – this gadgetpractically installs itself! A few simple steps, a sprinkle of magic(just kidding, no magic required), and voila! Your car will have itsown VIP section in the spotlight

Method 1: Operating manual of Rectangle series and sucker
Method 2: double sides adhesive tape
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