EL Car Decals is the choice you’ve been dreaming of

Key attributes

TypeEL lighting
SIZENo limits
PowerUSB, Cigar lighter, DC12V,DC24V
colorNo limits


ModelA: Constant lighting & flashes

ModelB: Animated flashes

Lead Time

Lead time(days)10to be negotiated


Car Wrap applied in realit

EL lighting advertising sign
EL Wrap car sticker
EL Car-Wrap-series

Create your own illuminated car decal

Looking for those unusual car decals? Well, EL Car Decals is the choice you’ve been dreaming of! SZEL’ EL Car Decals are not limited to the front and back windows of the car; they can be perfectly attached to the body of the car, adding a bright touch of color to your vehicle. The unique pattern design and exquisite craftsmanship make your car stand out on the streets and alleys. We use advanced EL light source technology, so that the car decals can also emit soft and lasting light in the dark. Whether you’re out on the streets at night or camping in the wild, EL Car Decals make your car the focus of attention. Worried that the decals will fade and deform from the sun and rain? Rest assured, EL Car Decals are made of special materials that are waterproof and sun-resistant, providing long-lasting durability even in harsh environments. Have you seen the actual picture? SZEL‘ decals have been attached to the body of our customer’s car for almost a year, and it is still the same! Customize our EL Car Decals, regardless of the shape, size, or color of the decals, we will create it for you. It is not a mass-produced item; each decal will be unique. It will only represent your business brand, the AD you want to promote, your team, your story, and so on. Contact SZEL as soon as possible; we have countless illuminated car decal solutions waiting for you to inquire.

Effortless Setup: Get Glowing in No Time!

Don’t worry about complicated installations – this gadgetpractically installs itself! A few simple steps, a sprinkle of magic(just kidding, no magic required), and voila! Your car will have itsown VIP section in the spotlight

Method 1:There is double-sided tape on the back of EL, which can be torn and glued
Method 2: double sides adhesive tapeEL has a strong magnet on the back, which is ready to stick and use
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