double sides adhesive tape

The baby on board EL stickers! Use our super bright and luminous baby on board EL stickers to easily indicate your baby’s presence and drive completely safely. Featuring super bright EL lighting and a super 12x12cm design, achieve unparalleled visibility!

Super bright EL lighting! Unlike most other baby car stickers, our EL car stickers feature ultra bright EL that illuminate the entire surface of our baby on board EL stickers through on, off, and flashing modes, allowing other drivers to immediately recognize them under all conditions!

Super large, super bold, and easy to view! Our baby on board EL stickers are over 12x12cm in size, designed to maximize visibility during the night. The yellow field with maximum contrast and large, bold, and high impact fonts ensure that even in busy traffic, our baby on board EL stickers are easily visible!

Easy and fast installation! Our baby on borad car stickers are powered by any standard USB port or adapter, equipped with independent control units and extra long cables, making them easy to locate on the rear or side windows of large SUVs, trucks, and cars!

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