What is the difference between EL and LED?

In short, they are two different light sources that convert electrical energy into light energy. EL requires alternating current to operate, while LED can be driven by direct current. The biggest difference is that EL is a planar light source, while LED is a point light source. If LED light sources need to achieve the same planar effect as EL light sources, LEDs need to achieve this through the distance of light from the refracting surface or through light guide materials such as acrylics. Therefore, EL light sources are lighter and thinner as planar light sources, and do not generate heat during operation. Despite the fact that the brightness and lifespan of EL light sources have always been inferior to LEDs, EL still has a place in the market due to this large advantage. LED-STICKERS specializes in EL and LED light-emitting car stickers. If you need them, consult us now!

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