customized led glowing stickers illuminated sign

tnp chi led sticker illuminated sign

TNP+CHI led glowing stickers solve the problem of not being able to see your car when picking up people at the airport at night. It is a sign with a built-in rechargeable battery and it comes with a pcs of TYPE C charging cable. It will be a very necessary marketing tool for you make extra income after work.

This is a taxi illuminated sign customized for Radio taxi company. It is bright and eye-catching, it helps the passengers to find the Radio taxi easier, especially at night. This taxi illuminated sign is easy to install, powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. It is recommended that you stick it in a position that will not affect the safe driving of the driver.

This led stickers illuminated sign is a warm reminder sign, when you see it, you will find the available power next to it. It’s suitable for dim environments such as hotels, cafes, bars, conference rooms, etc., It will greatly enhance the customer experience, leave a good impression on customers and win returned customers.

ALIANZA application illuminated logo, using LED light source, bright and eye-catching. This customized LED glowing sticker serves as an advertising carrier and can be placed on public transportation such as taxis, rideshare and even luxury cab, effectively showcasing the advertising and let the brand deeply rooted in the people.

1. The installation is very simple, it is equipped with a special bracket, only need to tear the double-sided tape on its surface, you can easily install it for yourself without tools. If you do not like to use double-sided tape, you can tell us to customize other installation and fixing methods for you before placing an order.
2. please click here to watch the detailed installation.
3. Welcome to contact us to customize your logo design based on our existing mold; we will make the mock-up first and quotation for you once received your artwork.

Key attributes

TypeLED lighting
SIZE4.7*4.7 inches
PowerBuilt-in lithium battery power supply,USB cable can be plugged in at any time
Battery Life10+H
colorNo limits
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