Changeable led stickers can easy Replacement of light panel

Changeable led stickers power on
Changeable led stickers power on
Changeable led stickers power on the car
Changeable led stickers power on the car

Introducing our new product:

Changeable led stickers

Led light stickers that it can easy Replacement of light panels
We are pleased to announce our latest product – replaceable LOGO light up stickers that users can easily design and change into their own LOGO to meet your desired design.
With our innovative products, whether you want to show off your personality, promote your business, just want a bit of funny, or you want to make a Light for Rideshare,uber light…our glow stickers are the perfect solution.
When you can make a bold statement that stands out, day or night, why settle for the ordinary? These eye-catching decals emit a mesmerizing glow in the dark, ensuring that your vehicle attracts attention wherever it goes. Our commitment to quality is second to none. We use quality materials that are durable, weather resistant and long-lasting. In addition, our glue is also easy to remove without leaving any residue.
Order today and take your vehicle style to new heights!

Highly recommend: A new led sticker device, you can easily customize your logo design and insert into it. With this innovative device, You can change any new printing yourself, with this reusable car sticker, you no longer have to spend a lot on customized LED car decals. This LED car sticker is the best solution for you if you are looking for a high-quality and cost-effective way to promote your logo brand.

Key attributes

TypeLED lighting
PowerBuilt-in lithium battery power supply,USB cable can be plugged in at any time
colorNo limits


ModelA: Mechanical switch type

ModelB: Remote control

Lead Time

Lead time(days)10to be negotiated


 Changeable led stickers applied in reality

Change slides to your desired

Its ears come with adhesive, allowing it to be installed on car windows.

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