Bluetooth APP control glowing car stickers

Welcome to led-stickers! Today, we are pleased to show you our Bluetooth app controlled glowing car stickers.

As you may already know, our luminous car stickers have provided a lot of visibility and the perfect solution for adding personalization to a lot of food delivery companies, personalized luminous stickers, brand commercial mobile luminous advertisements, UBER drivers, LYFT drivers around the world, etc. You also know that our luminous car stickers are sophisticated and ingenious design. Can provide a safe barrier for all vehicles, they not only have simple mechanical switch type, remote control type, then you know? We can also make the most popular Bluetooth APP control method. Yes, you can easily control these glowing car stickers from the palm of your hand. Connect the smartphone to the Led stickers through the APP, and fully control the brightness, color, pattern and other functions of the sticker.

Our Bluetooth APP control light up car stickers are designed for extreme convenience and practicality.

We know that every car enthusiast has different needs and preferences. That’s why our Bluetooth app controls illuminated car stickers to accept LOGO customization. You can also customize your sticker with your favorite design or logo to make it truly unique.

So don’t wait! Check out our Bluetooth app controlled glowing car sticker video to see how easily you can turn your driving into a compelling showcase. We are professional suppliers of all kinds of luminous car stickers, order your Bluetooth APP today to control Led car stickers and make your vehicle stand out from the crowd!

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